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Funny and Disgusting Poems about science, Life Cycles, and Snot and Bogies related to the National Curriculum KS1 & KS2

The aim is to write poems that children enjoy, poems that rhyme (sometimes badly), poems that make children laugh, cry and squirm, usually all at once, and above all poems that inform and spark off questions about science.

So here are a few disgusting poems that children and parents, and possibly teachers, will enjoy. Poems about life cycles, properties of materials, and poems for children about life, the universe, and everything.

Established 1988

Science for Children


The Frog

A suitably disgusting poem about food chains and life cycles with lots of new words for children, along with some interesting discussion points about what is and what is not a true rhyme


The frog eschews both cakes and pies
To satiate itself with flies
It catches them the whole day long
Unleashing fast its sticky tongue
What more from life could creatures wish
Imbibing such a tasty dish?
But one day frog gets old and dies
Good news for surviving flies
Who lay their eggs upon its body
That soon are maggots, who, quite oddly
Consider frog comestible
Delightfully digestible
And begin voraciously to feast
Upon the corpse of the deceased.
And though this sounds a tad suspicious
Rotting frog is quite delicious
To hungry maggots on a mission
Who masticate without contrition,
Devoid of fear of malnutrition
And eschewing squeamish inhibition
Concerning frogs decomposition
Pursue the single sole ambition:
To eat then metamorphosise
Into a swarm of hungry flies
But flies like frogs don’t last forever
And nature is extremely clever
So before the sky becomes congested
Flies become themselves ingested
By the species of amphibian
That recently had nourished them
And so the cycle is unbroken
Oblivious the frog sits croakin.

And here is a poem about properties of materials relating to science curriculum KS 1&2 that should appeal to children of a certain age


Have you ever wondered…?
 Why toffee is hard
And marshmallows are soft
And biscuits are brittle
And bread is not
And if you eat sweets
And you don’t need a lot
You must clean your teeth
Or they’ll turn black and rot
Why chewing gum stretches
And custard does not
And cream can be runny
But it also can clot
That bricks last forever,
But tomatoes soon rot,
Why this ball is bouncy
And this one is not
And feet can get cheesy
If you don’t wash them a lot
Why ice cream goes runny
When the weather is hot
That bananas are sticky
And apples are not
And have you considered
A lump of green snot
And what are the properties
That good snot has got
Cause its kind of stretchy
And kind of not
It’s incredibly sticky
I like that a lot
It doesn’t get runny
When the weather is hot
But in the cold winter
 It runs quite a lot
An absorbent tissue
 will soak up a lot
But the back of your hand
 will not soak up snot
Sometimes I wonder
I wonder just what
What is the reason
For a nose full of snot
It makes breathing snuffly
And one thing we must not
We must not never eat
That interesting snot
It’s sticky and stretchy
And we like it a lot
But nutritious and tasty
Is something snot’s not
But there’s other things too
Other things beside snot
The properties of which
Fascinate me a lot
So lets look at the properties
That other stuff’s got.


© Mike Rawlinson 2005

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Why are frogs slimy and why are they cold and how do they breathe in the water and out of it and why do they make frogspawn that grows into tadpoles that eat each other until there are hardly any left and what do they eat ...?


Why are flies such a nuisance and why do they eat poo and then go an land on my food with poo all over their feet and why can't you ever swat them with your hand and why do birds and frogs eat them and why do they grow out of maggots and why do maggots like eating dead things, and why are there flies in the first place ..?


And why do some apples go rotten and others don't and what makes them rotten and can you still eat them and why does it have all those patterns like rings and why do birds like apples that have gone bad ..?