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To get in touch please click on the email address below, and give as much information as possible so that we are able to give an accurate quote eg

Location including postcode if possible

Audience size
Dates and any alternative dates
Your phone number - preferably a landline

Please put 'Enquiry' as the subject and use the following email address:


If you can't see an email address above, please use your email programme and type mail2paradox followed by @ then so it looks like a proper email address

Sorry for the inconvenience - we think this is marginally better than those contact forms

If the address is correct you will receive an automatic reply almost immediately. If you don't then please try again.

Emails generally get a faster response and are preferred for initial inquiries, but if you do need to speak to me use the following number at any reasonable time up to 8pm

Very occasionally an email will bounce - If this does happen, please try again or phone us instead. Thank you

01460 242549

If you do call and there is no answer, then do leave a message and we will call you back. Remember to leave a number to call back on as I sometimes use remote access and cannot get the number, and please speak it slowly and clearly. I am sometimes unable to return calls because I can't hear the number properly which is annoying for everyone.

And please don't use the email address for sending spam - all spam is reported


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